Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Why did I name this post 'Darlin'? Funnily enough, this retro style dress reminds me of a lady calling this out to her friend/partner in that Southern American accent. Probably the A-line Midi Skirt of the dress, its lace pattern and elbow length sleeves which makes me think of this. Haha

I bought this dress from, low and behold, ASOS, and was really curious to see how this style would look on me. I love the retro look but didn't know how its clear cut femininity would work with my demeanour. Alas, I fell in love with it. It's such an easy to wear, lady-like dress, season-spanable and versatile occasion wise. The sheer panels of lace on the sleeves and deep back adds to its allure. I paired it with these white Verali sandal pumps, although an even more delicate sandal heel would look lovely too. I'd definitely stick with a two strap though.

Perfect with a sleek white clutch and big hair, this is great for day-time as it is for a semi-casual evening event. The sunshine and beautiful green surroundings really lent themselves to this look in my opinion. Although it started to get extremely hot before we called it a day. 

With time even more limited than before, you find yourself organising what little time you do have more effectively.  I've been off from my fitness regime for a while now, but back on track from next Monday...I swear! Hope you're all well xoxox


Photos by GSA

Thursday, 19 March 2015


There are days when you just won't be 100% on point, when you haven't necessarily brushed your hair the whole way through (I really need to get that Proud Supporter of Messy Hair Tank :P) and you just want to wear your combat boots and ripped jeans. It's not always about looking put together and thats why for a casual outfit, I love this look. 

Loose fitting crop tops are perfect for warmer weather. I got this gorgeous one from H&M in Tokyo. I love the tassels which make it so different and the material is actually a really lovely quality georgette style fabric. I love tastefully done floral, so the pattern and colour palette made it a must have.

Before, I wouldn't be caught dead in ripped jeans. I thought they were tacky and tasteless. My mind changed when I saw the ASOS model wearing them so chicly. They are easy to dress up and dress down and I guess the high-waisted design makes them all the more attractive to me.

Charlotte Russe, an American brand, is where I got these amazing quilted combat boots from whilst in Florida, 2013. I only wore them for the first time recently! They are actually really comfy and perfect with jeans. Chuck a black satchel in the mix and you can fly out the door.

A few weeks ago I chopped off a little more of my hair so that it is healthier when I get it back to its prior long luscious lengths. It does have a tendency to look dark brown in the sunlight though - no highlights done.

The last few months have been eventful and changing. I have been busy becoming an adult and taking up responsibility which I had to face sooner or later. I'm proud to say I have achieved quite a few goals already this year and toward pursuing many many more. It's funny to think how much life changes year by year.

Anyway, I'm looking to very soon launch my Facebook page (honestly don't know why I hadn't done this ages ago) and some other cool projects I have been gradually working on. It's so weird not to be at uni or traveling anymore! Time to be an adult haha.

Watch this space for more posts coming soon.

Ria xx

Photography by GSA

Monday, 9 March 2015

International Womens Day

I've seen more posts than I have liked today conveying that women are to be revered as they give birth to men. This is in no way an astute or mindful statement, rather reinforcing the existing patriarchal nature of some or most cultures. Women are the givers of life. Period. They give birth to females AS WELL.

Women provide essential balance & stability to the world, without which civilisation would not exist as we know it. While it is wholeheartedly welcomed & accepted that all genders may embody any characteristics of their choosing, such as being strong or expressive of emotions etc, society cannot deny that some qualities are expected of women and men respectively. What one lacks the other fulfils, manifesting in harmony & equilibrium and if otherwise, resulting in the certain implosion of any society. We need one another to function and exist, undeniably.

Bar biological limitations what the woman can do a man can also do and vice versa. This is a FACT. We are the same. We are all human and that is the one and only thing that matters. Womens day is a day to again shine light on the injustices and inequalities women STILL have to face despite being of the same make of their male counterparts. Is this right?

I believe there is a misunderstanding surrounding the word FEMINIST which in actuality simply represents the firm belief in the equal rights of women and men. Call it an EQUALIST, if you will. I fail to understand why our fellow men are not making more of an effort to realise and push for this. If you believe otherwise, I truly feel that you should study how it is to be a women, imagine life in your mother's shoes if you possess the capacity. Wouldn't you want her to be treated the same?

We need the likes of intelligent, self-assured and compassionate males to join us in our fight for equality. This fact of life, that is misconstrued in cultural excuses, needs to be instilled from the very beginning. It would be due to a lack of compassion and understanding if my words & actions were labelled as anything other than what is just & necessary. Despite all opinions I will be passionate about this until this is realised. Until the day comes when this equality is achieved, yes everyday is womens day and a continuing effort to gain awareness of this issue.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


It was love at first sight with this beautiful crotchet, velvet maxi dress by Jarlo. With such a feminine design and gorgeous detailing I had to make it mine instantly. A feathered headpiece and gemstone jewellery would make this dress suit the Great Gatsby style very well. Jarlo has amazing, old school style dresses brimming with elegance similar to this which you can find here. Be aware that this dress has a slightly big make, as a size 8 as I'm wearing here was still quite loose on me.

I kept the look really minimalistic with stud pearl earrings and my hair kept sideswept and long although you could style this dress a variety of ways - red lipstick, slick bun and gem-stone earrings or glamourous hollywood finger waves and large pearl studs with rings and bracelets galore. A random piece of advice: don't eat maccas right before you wear a dress like this hahaha.

These photos were taken by the creative Shivayan, again featuring his signature usage of sunshine and light. His time is always appreciated. You can find more information about his work here.
Disclaimer: due to technological and geographical difficulties the quality of these images have been compromised.

I'm currently posting from Kolkata, India where I am having a bundle of fun with my family - eating and shopping lots - but also with mozzie bites for daaays. Doesn't help when you're allergic to them -_-
Flying to Mumbai tomorrow for some interesting work! Hope you're all doing okay in the heat down in Sydney and nonethless doing okay in all other parts of the world ;)

Ria xx



Photography by Stills by Shivayan

Monday, 10 November 2014

A sunny kinda day

I got a haircut before I left for my Europe trip.. It's so much shorter than what I'm used to but it's been interesting trying to figure out how to style it short again. Anyway, this look and outfit is ultra casual and relaxed, when I want to feel fresh and light. Weather was tres hot and sunny when we shot these photographs so lots of sunshine reflecting off the leaves and my hair :) Big props to my photographer, Gagan for being so patient although it was blazing heat that day!

This top is a favourite that goes with so much in my wardrobe (although is does need altering to be more fitted I'm thinking now!) and these gorgeoussss pants are from my trip to Spain by one of their big fashion houses, Mango. I absolutely adoreeee them. And very in love with the Mango brand, they had so many beautiful pieces and I wish I had brought more over. So excited to wear them this summer! This uber cute bag was gifted to me on my birthday this year, from Forever New. All matchy matchy with my outfit colour tones. Sandals from Novo, love their different kinda thang going on.

I really wish I was basking in summery weather like this right now. It's cold in Osaka, although today we got some bless-ed sunshine (after days of overcast skies and rain). Then I died because I wore too many layers and had to carry it all blaaaah. I'm feeling a bit homesick right now - it would've been my graduation day today if I hadn't chosen to be overseas. But saving the celebrations til later...

GOOD LUCK for exam-ers and CONGRATS for uni-finishers and if you are none of the former then a very happy day to you none-the-less! Peace out from Osaka!

Ria xx

Photos by Gagan Assi

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